Is there an age restriction?

Yes. Our insurance only allows people between 25 and 75 years of age on the Ford Transit and 30 and 75 years on the VW Transporter.

What are your typical hire rates?

Our rates are subject to change and seasonal variation, however expect to pay £160/night for our campervans. We do charge £50 to take the vans over (or under) the channel to Europe with an extra £10 a day thereafter to cover insurance and administration. We issue all the required documentation to keep the authorities happy!

Is insurance included?

Fully comprehensive insurance is included in the hire charge. We do not cover the insurance of any bikes or kit that you take with you and recommend relevant holiday insurance to cover other eventualities.

We do charge £50 to take the vans over (or under) the channel to Europe with an extra £10 a day thereafter to extend this cover and issue all the required documentation to keep the authorities happy!

How do you take payments?

We take payments through our website when bookings are made online and payments for the security deposit are taken over the phone using a card reader.

Do you accept American Express?

Afraid not due to their high fees!

Is there a mileage limit?

There is unlimited mileage when driving our vans within the UK but a limit of 150 miles per day when driving in Europe. (Equivalent to 2100 miles for a 2 week rental period). Any additional mileage on top of this, would be charged at the rate of 0.30p per mile.

Where do I collect the van?

We are based between Tetbury and Cirencester in Gloucestershire. We can store client vehicles at our site while you are out in the van. We will try to accommodate suitable and reasonable requests, such as collection from nearby Kemble train station, by arrangement and will consider delivery for an additional fee.

Who needs to collect the van?

The person who registers on our website and makes/pays for the booking will need to collect/drop off the vehicle.

What are the pick up and drop off times?

Typically handovers of the vans are on Mondays and Fridays. Our standard pick up time is between 15.00 and 17.00 on your commencement date and drop off is between 08:00 and 10:00 on your return date. However depending on when other bookings are before and after your booking period, we may be able to be flexible with pick up/drop off times, so please do ask when making your booking.

Is there a security deposit or other charges?

There is a security deposit of £1,500 payable for the VW and £1000 for the Ford, which we take as a pre-authorised card payment a week prior to the start of your hire period. This will be fully refundable 30 days after returning the vehicle if no damage has occurred to the vehicle that requires an insurance claim to be made. The excess charged for any glass damage is £500.

Are the vans difficult to drive?

Both of the vans are long wheel based versions, however they are not much longer than estate cars. There are a few driving aids to assist, like all round parking sensors, DSG and rear camera in the VW and cruise control on both. It is always worth being mindful of the extra volume and a word to the wise, watch out for other vehicles who don’t always notice the open tailgate! Also, if you are tall, try not to walk into the edge of the open tailgate. This can make you swear although I’ve never done it…

Are the vans petrol or diesel?

Both of the vans run on diesel! There is a reminder on the fuel cap when you are filling up. Filling up with the wrong fuel is not covered by our insurance so if a mistake is made when refueling, this would be a cost to be covered by you, so please do bear this in mind!

What height are the vans?

The VW incl. pop top and side awning has an overall height of 2000mm (2m) and the Ford an overall height of 2010mm (2.01m). So just be aware when going under those car park and toll booth barriers!

What colour vans are available?

Currently you can have any colour as long as it’s black.

How many bikes can the vans carry?

Both vans can carry either 4 mountain bikes or 4 road bikes, with the Ford having the potential to squeeze in another road bike with some handlebar fettling!

Do we need to bring our own bike cleaning products?

Both vans will be kitted out with complementary Muc-Off products (bike and drive train cleaner) for those days when you just want to put the bikes away clean! All we ask is that you leave any empty containers and brushes in the van so we can refill them for our next customer!

Do you allow dogs?

Yes and no. You can take dogs in the Ford Transit Custom but not in the VW Transporter.