Team work makes the dream work

We are reliant on and proud to work with our partners. We choose to work with these brands, and spend our hard earned on their stuff, because we value the quality of what they do. Bikes have always introduced us to some great people and we have some good mates in these companies.

If you have a product or an idea that you think can enhance what we do and the experience that we offer, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

CJL Leisure Vehicles

For some time we had been looking for a van conversion company that really understood the nuances of building vans around bikes. When Kate phoned Cye at CJL, and he described the importance of a curved rail at the rear of a T6 to ensure XL enduro bikes would fit, we knew we had found the right company. Cye and the team know that the details in their designs make all the difference and we completely bought into their ethos of adventure vans for active people.

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Muc Off

Kate has been using Muc Off for ages and we even shared a hometown when we lived in Poole. Our vans are designed to help you manage the mud and grime generated by your sport. So Muc Off are an obvious organisation to work with, a team that has been trying to keep things clean since 1994. We aim to supply our vans replenished with some of their classic cleaning products if required.

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Another company that we were first introduced to by friends in Poole, Rockets and Rascals no less, are Kitbrix. The night before a good riding day the boys are asked to pack their kitbrix, a great solution for carrying your sports kit and keeping things together. Zip two together to fit on a flight or have multiple bags for different disciplines. We are delighted to offer some kitbrix for you to try in the vans with no fuss, just organised kit.

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WyeMTB and Pedalabikeaway

We have been hanging out in the Forest of Dean, and further afield, with these guys for years now. They have coached us and the kids, guided us on epic trips and provided loads of great food at the cafe. It’s a great place to visit whether it’s your first time out on the family trail, repeat loops of the Verderers or racing your friends down GBU. This trail centre has something for everyone.

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Squire Bike Locks

British security specialists Squire have been at the forefront of lock making since 1780 creating some of the strongest locks in the world! They stock a wide range of premium bike locks for use at home or on-the-go, from maximum security padlock and chain sets to compact and lightweight cable locks. All Squire products come with a 10-year toughness guarantee and are independently attack tested with proven theft resistance. We have teamed up with Squire to offer our customers additional bike security for added peace of mind both within our vans and for use out on the trail!

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